The Swell App

Personalised Sound Therapy, with scientifically-tested health benefits

SwellSpa is designed for the hotel and spa industry, for use in treatment rooms, for touchless wellness and bedrooms. SwellWorks is designed for workspaces, corporate offices and businesses.

Simple to use, both apps utilise our game-changing generative music technology to create therapeutic Sound Journeys that transport the listener to beautiful places around the world, delivering four scientifically-tested outcomes:

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Emotional Uplift, Inspiration and Awe

  • Connection with Nature

  • Sleep

The duration of each Journey is adaptable and the sound experience is novel every listen

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Key Features

  • Personalised Sound Therapy
  • High Quality Audio
  • Journeys not Genres
  • Adaptable Duration
  • Novel Every Listen
  • Four Health Outcomes
  • Offline playback
  • Scientifically-Tested