Swell harnesses the power of sound to deliver transformative experiences, centred around health and well-being.

We deliver Sound Treatments, combining field recordings, music composition, and sound therapy with ground-breaking technology.

"The Future of Spa"

Forbes, 2022

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Sound has the unique ability to connect with brain and body in multiple ways at once. It can trigger emotions, guide movement, evoke memories and transport us deep into our inner consciousness.

Swell makes access to sound therapy techniques easy, mobile, and inclusive so that every listener can benefit from Sound Wellness.

Sound Treatments

The combination of nature, music and sound therapy delivers the optimal sound experience

Swell Room

Immersive therapeutic sounds with vibroacoustic furniture and spatial audio

Revenue Driving

Bespoke sound treatments for spas and wellness spaces will offer differentiation

Nature Connection

Bring the outside in by creating immersive spatial sound experiences using high fidelity field recordings

Our Research

Everything we do is grounded in the science. Listeners experience higher nature connectedness, reduced anxiety levels, lowered heart rate

Expert Composition

We have over 20 years of experience working in music and sound therapy

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