Research: How the Brain and Body responds to Swell


Urban living makes finding calm spaces a challenge sometimes - causing imbalances in our nervous system. We know both nature and sound can have deeply restorative effects. At Swell, we create nature-based sound treatments and during this research study, we worked with Neuroaesthetics Lab Kinda Studios to test how our well our Sound Treatments, which combine sound therapy, music, biophilic sound and advanced technology, can boost two essential measures - restoration (relaxation and creativity) and nature connection.

We found some powerful results that are now fed directly into the new Swell (science-backed) app:

🧠Boosts in Relaxation and Creative Thought- EEG & Heart Rate analysis showed increases in alpha brainwave activity and slowed heart rates.

🌿Nature Connection - Participants felt more connected to nature, a crucial measure for personal wellbeing and shifting behaviours to be more environmentally friendly.

As we urbanise, access to nature may lessen. While not replacing the real deal, digital experiences can offer a necessary top up to nature therapy. Swell’s new mode of wellbeing offers an engaging experience that drives these important collective and individual wellbeing markers.