Installation: Soniferous Forest

15 minutes of Sonic Escapism that took place in the Immersive Room Browns Fashion flagship store in 2022. Powered by Bang & Olufsen, this was a sensory experience like no other. The room combined a tactile environment with traditional therapeutic sounds produced by Brian d'Souza of Swell & Open Ear. Inspired by human’s innate connection to nature, the experience transports you to a tranquil forest for ultimate relaxation.

The installation was housed in the ‘Immersive Room’ at Browns on Brook St in London and ran from Jan 10th to March 31st 2022. Visitors were immersed in the sights, smells and sounds of an artificial indoor forest, with field recordings from forests around London across multiple loudspeakers, powered by Bang & Olufsen.

There were two upright comfortable seats available with Bang & Olufsen headphones playing a 15 min Sound Composition that was specially composed for the experience. This central headphone experience combined natural sounds with musical elements and sound therapy techniques to take listeners on an immersive journey into their consciousness: their “15 minutes of Sonic Escapism".

The composition was mixed in Dolby Atmos for maximum spatial effect and visitors were encouraged to close their eyes and consciously listen for the duration in order to gain maximum benefits, as explained below.

We’ve been receiving some wonderful feedback on the Soniferous Forest experience. The in-store team have been tracking the footfall in the space and we’re averaging around 42% of clients taking part in the experience when in store which is great and high in comparison to a few other walk-in experiences we have held in that space.

Vikki Webb, Browns