ASICS: Music that Moves

In a world filled with constant distractions and challenges, finding inspiration to stay active and positive can be a game-changer. ASICS has taken a creative approach to uplift and motivate individuals through a captivating campaign that combines poetry, movement, and a dash of artistic flair.

According to research conducted by the brand, many are moving less and less and feeling worse for it – especially women and younger people.

People often use audio to motivate them to move - whether energetic playlists or inspirational words, listening prior to and during exercise can increase motivation and effort.

So, to help the world get a mental uplift through movement, ASICS took this to the next level by creating the first soundscape audio track designed to move people. Through the partnership with acclaimed poet Charly Cox and producer & Swell founder Auntie Flo (Brian d'Souza), ASICS created a multi-dimensional experience to encourage people to discover the joy of movement and embrace a more active lifestyle.

The result is a heartfelt and inspiring poem called Nothing Feels Better.

The challenge in this day and age is trying to get people outdoors and moving. Exercise is so vital for not only our physical health but our mental health too, so it’s been great to work with ASICS and Charly to create something that can actually inspire people to get out there. Putting the words to music with a frequency specifically designed to boost endorphins and chord progressions to uplift listeners, was a great challenge – I can’t wait to hear what people think of it.

Brian d'Souza, Swell founder and music producer

Poetry and music can catalyse change, with their unique ability to touch hearts, evoke emotions, and spur action. By utilizing the art of storytelling and the power of sound, ASICS has crafted a campaign with words, visuals, and sounds that convey a message of resilience, self-belief, and the transformative power of movement.

The composition is available on all streaming services. Throughout the month of June, every listen of the poem on Spotify will raise £5 for the mental health charity Mind.