Mindspace x Swell Pop Up at The Ministry

The Ministry is the legendary nightclub Ministry of Sound's co-working and office space in South London. It houses hundreds of creatives, start ups and established businesses in a thriving hub of activity. Swell partnered with Thrive Space to produce The Mindspace pop up - a room dedicated to Sound Wellness. Mindspace was the first time the public could experience the brand new SwellWorks app, the next-generation of Swell technology.

Three years in the making, SwellWorks app delivers a revolutionary way of harnessing the power of sound as a headphone experience. It incorporates sound therapy, natural sounds and musical instrumentation to transport and transcend users, activating their nervous system in a variety of positive ways.

Users can pick from several 'Sound Journeys' from Nepal to Ibiza to transport them to place of tranquility, delivering four outcomes - Deeper Relaxation, Awe and Creative Inspiration, Connection with Nature and Better Sleep.

We received incredible feedback from members who experienced it. See below for more details:

“Crackle is a busy, health focussed consultancy where we sometimes struggle to take time out for ourselves during the working week. I found Swell was brilliant in helping me clear my frenetic mind in just 15 minutes, transporting me away from the devices and screens to be immersed in nature through sound.”

Ross Stone, Founder, We Are Crackle

“That was unreal, I really loved it. I definitely felt like I was going in and out of different states of consciousness, so much so it was a like a full body experience. It took me a while to process and come back to the room after - in a good way. I think you’ve created something really wonderful here. Thank you!”

Lauren Parmar, Mood London, Coaching Studio

“The Swell Experience is one that I would truly recommend to anyone. It gave me an opportunity to feel relaxed and inspired while in the midst of a very busy world. It also reminded me to set time aside for this type of experience as it is crucial to our mental health and wellbeing.“

Dr Clare Renfrew, Abbey Road Studios

“I really loved the Swell app, I went for the 15 minute ancient rainforest scape - I was curious about how the simulation of a sound journey would work in a pre-recorded sound but it really did! I enjoyed the UX design of the app. I found it intuitive and straightforward. The aesthetic was clear and elegant and I enjoyed the ability to flick between night mode and day model. I really loved the product and think it's going to do brilliantly.”

Becca Sandler, Balance With Becca Coaching