Ishga Sound Treatments

Ishga Sound Wellness Treatments are bespoke sound compositions centred around enhancing Ishga treatments in spas and at home. Sound is powerful, and when harnessed in the right way, it has many proven positive mental and physical health benefits.

Ishga sound treatments are composed by award-winning music producer and sound therapist Brian d'Souza working alongside renowned Scottish musician Duncan Grant. They combine field recordings of water, seaweed and waves from across the Western Isles with an array of traditional Gaelic instruments from the Clarsach to the Pipes. They are delivered via Open Ear's new Swell technology, which provides a variety of healing soundscapes designed to help transport the listener to the beauty of the Hebrides and help them delve deeper into their subconscious for ultimate relaxation during their treatment.

We absolutely love the ishga Sound Treatments. Therapists have commented on how they really help with the massage flow and speed.The balance is great, the waves sounds are a definite favourite for meditative purposes!

Natalie Rodgers, Head of Training, ishga