Foraged Sounds

Swell worked with Native restaurant to deliver environmental soundscapes for their outside space. Native’s menu is comprised of seasonal produce from foraged ingredients in spaces local to London. We captured four long form field recordings taken in four key foraging spots. The recordings helped mask unwanted noise from neighbouring building works and create a soundscape for diners that enhanced the sensory experience:

Seasalter Beach - 5am - gentle waves lapping on the shore, some seagulls waking up the landscape as the sun starts to rise

Meadow near Margate- 7am - blue skies in a calm but busy meadow, with distant birdsong and the unbroken sound of crickets coming from the undergrowth

Oxleas Woods - 11am - trees dancing in the wind, rain peppered with the odd solo birdsong flying in the face of the elements

Ashdown Forest - 3pm - chinks of light and the odd random bee appearing after torrential rain as water runs from the trees and forms streams through the woods