The HVN: Indoor Forest Bathing installation

The ultimate vision for the retreat is to help guests improve how they feel both inside and outside. As part of this, the team worked with Swell to develop an exclusive Forest Bathing experience.

The new sensory relaxation space features biophilic elements and integrates natural sounds and birdsong to lower blood pressure and lower cortisol.

We spent 24 hours in Epping Forest, an ancient forest just outside of London, using a range of high fidelity microphones to capture the sounds of the forest. We recorded a range of bird species, including Woodpecker, Robins, Black Birds, Blue Tits, Mistle Thrush and Wood Warblers; and other forest sounds such as gentle stream and wind rustling through the trees.

We then delivered these sounds as a self-generating spatial audio experience with speakers positioned at different heights in the space.

The forest sounds aren't just audible in the immersive space, they can also be listened to as a 'take home' experience via their products. By simply scanning a QR code, customers will be directed to a custom-music player to listen whenever they wish.