The Sound Of Plants


We captured sounds from four herbs in my garden: lavender, mint, basil, and sage.

A few months back, Dandelion commissioned us with a piece of music inspired by nature.

Brian, our founder, decided to capture sound from four herbs in his garden, specifically lavender, mint, basil, and sage.

He relied on cutting-edge PlantWave technology which allowed him to pick up the electrical signals from the plants (using electrodes) and convert them into MIDI notes.

Once in the studio, Brian assigned each plant an instrument to create his composition: harp, pipes, flute, and whistle.

The results, four 20-minute pieces, were obviously 'pretty wild' but also very interesting.

Auntie Flo · Spring Symphony (Sage, Basil, Mint And Lavender)

The composition was part of Dandelion's first cube installation at V&A Dundee, Scotland’s design museum on the waterfront of the Tay.

About Dandelion
Dandelion was a six-month creative celebration of growing, music and community – rooted in Scotland but with an international outlook, and with sustainability at its heart. 

About Plantwave
PlantWave works by measuring slight variations in the conductivity of a plant, graphing those variations as a wave and translating the wave into pitch. These pitch messages represent real-time biological changes happening in your plant.