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A Bespoke Soundscape To Elevate ishga's Seaweed Bath Experience


Our bespoke soundscape for ishga's at-home Seaweed Bath lets you indulge in the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation experience.

A very blissful relaxing moment, especially when used with the sound experience.

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Combining the harmonious blend of nature-inspired sounds and the therapeutic properties of seaweed to create a truly immersive and soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. How?

ishga, the Scottish skincare brand renowned for harnessing the power of seaweed, has perfected the art of creating a blissful bathing experience. Their Seaweed Bath kit is a luxurious blend of sustainably-sourced, hand-harvested seaweed, and organic essential oils.

Sound has the extraordinary ability to transport us to a state of tranquillity and enhance our sensory experiences. Based on this profound connection, we developed a bespoke sound treatment that complements the therapeutic qualities of ishga's Seaweed Bath.

By combining elements of nature and soothing melodies, we created a symphony of sound that harmonises with the healing properties of seaweed, providing an immersive and transformative experience for your senses.

Swell’s Creative Director, Dan Spinney, commented:

Our work with ishga aims to deliver the closest experience to a spa while at home - deeply relaxing and transportive. Everything we do at Swell is driven by research on the power that sound can have on our minds and bodies. Enveloping the senses in this way proves to be extremely effective.

Swell’s bespoke soundscape for ishga's Seaweed Bath has been thoughtfully designed to enhance relaxation, promote stress relief, and foster a deeper connection with nature. Composed by our founder, award-winning music producer and sound therapist Brian d'Souza alongside renowned Scottish musician Duncan Grant, the sound treatment combines field recordings of water, seaweed and waves from across the Western Isles with an array of traditional Gaelic instruments from the Clarsach to the Pipes.

From the gentle ebb and flow of ocean waves to the soft rustle of seaweed in the breeze and the distant calls of seabirds, we chose each element carefully to transport you to a serene coastal sanctuary, envelop you in a cocoon of tranquillity and allow your mind to unwind.

Our sound treatment created in partnership with Swell has allowed us to deliver added value for customers and enhance their overall ishga wellbeing experience, complimenting spa visits with a way to bring this tranquil feeling home.

Our at-home sound treatment version has been a wonderful tool for us to provide customers with a truly immersive experience, transporting them to the serenity of the Outer Hebrides whilst enjoying our organic seaweed skincare.

Cara Hosie, Head of Marketing at ishga

Set your space, clear your mind, and listen deeply. 

People who purchase the ishga Seaweed Bath kit - consisting of Fucus Serratus Seaweed and ishga Invigorating Bath Salts - can simply scan the QR and play the Sound Treatment from their phone. For a broader range of sound, we recommend using a Bluetooth speaker near or touching the side of the bath for added resonance where possible and done safely away from the water. Full instructions can be found here.

Rediscover the art of self-care and indulge in a truly blissful experience that revitalises both your body and mind.